The Best Camera For Headshot Photography

If you are simply taking photos for your best friend at his or her audition or you are thinking of starting your own headshot photography business, you need to know about the right equipment for the job.


For example, any digital SLR camera is a good base but it has to be combined with a decent lens. An acting audition or job interview is a huge affair because regardless of the size and scope of the event, it is the most important day for the person you are taking a headshot of. You need to be prepared with the best camera for headshot photography.


One of the best cameras for the job is the Canon EF 16, 35mm with f/2.8L 2 USM. This camera costs in the region of £700 which is a steep price if you are just helping a friend out. If you cannot afford this camera then not to worry as most professional photography shops will have a rental department and you can rent a digital camera body from around £40 to £150 per day. Lenses are extra and will costs anywhere from £5 to £25 per day. Also ask about any discounts and you might get one for a weekend or for multiple days. Multiple days will give you a change to familiarize yourself with the camera and lens.

Lenses are so important, they can make a shot amazing or just mediocre. For headshots you will need a lens with a large aperture (opening) of f/2.8 or even larger. This means you will have enough light even if the headshot is on a dimly lit stage or reception hall. Using a large aperture also means you will not have to use a flash, which can be quite horrible in romantic headshot settings and some places even restrict or ban flashes anyway.


Professional headshot photographers tend to use a set of three zoom lenses and you should take some tips from these people who know their business. A wide angle zoom, a wide to tele zoom and an image stabilized telephoto zoom is what is necessary.


Equipped with such a good camera and a few lenses you should be ready to take amazing headshot photos.

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