Useful Wedding Photography Tips


Taking good pictures at a wedding requires some practice and preparation. Have you been asked to take pictures at a wedding? You should go over the following article for some helpful wedding photography tips.


First of all, do your best not to be in the way. Dress so you will blend in with other guests and avoid drawing attention to yourself while you take pictures. Remember that this day is about the bride and the groom.


Find out in advance how the wedding will be organized. Perhaps you can get a detailed program. Taking good pictures will be easier if you can anticipate what guests will do or where they will go.


If possible, visit the venue first so you can familiarize yourself with the light. If parts of the reception will take place outside, look for spots that will make for good pictures. You might overlook a nice background if you have to do this at the last minute.

Try getting the bride and groom to add some time for pictures in their program. Taking pictures of all the guests will be a lot easier if they know they will be photographed at a specific time. Plan on taking some group pictures and ask guests to post for you so they can take home a picture of themselves all dressed up.


Do your best not to miss any moments. Do not be afraid to take too many pictures. You will be able to go over them later with the married couple and decide which pictures will be kept. Try taking pictures that truly capture the atmosphere of the wedding besides the traditional group pictures.


Preparation is key, especially if this is your first wedding photo shoot. Give yourself plenty of time to become familiar with the location, the people and your equipment before the big day.

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